Video: Discover ecological beauty of Rizhao

(| Updated : 2023-10-31

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Rizhao city is located on the eastern coast of China. It is nestled between mountains and seas, offering a diverse habitat for various bird species.

The vast coastline of Rizhao provides a perfect breeding ground for seabirds such as seagulls and cormorants. They can be seen gracefully gliding through the air and diving into the azure waters to catch their prey.

The lush forests and wetlands are also home to migratory birds, including cranes and egrets, which find solace in the tranquility of Rizhao's natural landscapes.

In Rizhao, the harmonious coexistence between humans and nature is evident. The city embraces sustainable development with eco-friendly practices, protecting its fragile ecosystems. Efforts are being made to preserve wetlands, restore forests, and conserve biodiversity. This commitment ensures that the unique charm of Rizhao's environment remains intact for generations to come.