Binzhou adds greenery for protecting 'mother river'

(| Updated : 2023-04-17

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Binzhou, a city situated along the Yellow River, has been working hard to reinforce afforestation efforts to boost ecological protection of China's "mother river".

The ecological conservation and high-quality development of the Yellow River basin is one of China's major national strategies. The Binzhou government has also made efforts in ecological protection and restoration, water conservation, flood control, and inheriting and promoting the Yellow River culture.


An aerial photo of the Binzhou section of the Yellow River. The Yellow River, known as China's "mother river", spans about 5,464 kilometers and flows through nine provincial-level regions. [Photo provided to]


The Yellow River Tower is a new landmark in Binzhou, Shandong province. [Photo provided to]


A wetland park is located on the banks of the Yellow River in Binzhou. In recent years, Binzhou has implemented a dozen ecological restoration projects in the Yellow River basin. [Photo provided to]


The sound ecological environment attracts flocks of migratory birds to a Yellow River wetland in Binzhou. [Photo provided to]


Local residents jog in a wetland park near the Yellow River in Binzhou. [Photo provided to]


People do morning exercise in a wetland park on the banks of the Yellow River in Binzhou. [Photo provided to]