Cultural activities flourish in Liaocheng

(| Updated : 2023-03-09

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Liaocheng boasts cultures of the Yellow River and the Grand Canal. [Photo/WeChat account: lcwhhlyj]

Liaocheng, a city in Shandong province, held a cultural tourism event titled "There Is A River in Front of My Home" and the launch ceremony of the 2023 "Junction of Two Rivers" Cultural Tourism Promotion Season on March 7 to boost consumer confidence, with the goal of accelerating the recovery of cultural and tourism consumption.

Co-organized by the Liaocheng Party committee, the city government, and Shandong Radio and Television Station, the event featured an array of activities, such as introducing the top 10 tourism routes, displaying local handmade crafts like the guzheng, Dongchang gourd carving, as well as paper-cut art, and collecting more than 7,000 pieces of pictures, short videos, and travel tips.


A scenic area in Liaocheng, Shandong province [Photo/WeChat account: lcwhhlyj]

Lu Peng, Party secretary and director of Shandong Radio and Television Station, said the station has endeavored to promote the event in an all-round way through multi-media communication methods combining reports, live broadcasts, as well as short videos.

The station will showcase cultural connotations of the Yellow River, the Grand Canal, the Great Wall of Qi, as well as the Bohai and Huanghai seas to accelerate the high-quality development of Shandong's deep integration of culture and tourism.

Li Changping, Party secretary of Liaocheng, said the Yellow River has a long history with splendid cultures and that the Grand Canal connects the north and the south. The two rivers have nourished Chinese civilization for thousands of years and benefited its people for generations. Liaocheng will strengthen the protection and inheritance of cultural heritage items, as well as explore the unique charm of the two rivers.

In 2022, Liaocheng held a series of cultural activities, including painting and calligraphy exhibitions, creative design competition, as well as a short video contest to boost the ecological protection and high-quality development of the Yellow River Basin.


The urban landscape of Liaocheng [Photo/WeChat account: lcwhhlyj]