Share your stories about the Yellow River or any river that inspires you

(| Updated : 2023-03-09

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Come and share your memories of China's Yellow River or any river that inspires you! We invite you to share your own experiences or stories of the Yellow River – the mother river of the Chinese nation, or any river that means a lot to you.

In your life, you must have encountered a river; it could be a broad one feeding generations of people, a winding canal flowing across your hometown, or in a faraway land that you have met on a pleasant trip or merely read about in a book. We would be honored to hear about a river that has inspired you, or given you a cherished memory.



Here's how you can join in with the activity:

1. Follow Beautiful Shandong (Facebook), or Shandong Official (Twitter), or Splendid Shandong (Facebook)

2. Upload to your own social media accounts the videos, photos or stories about your experiences with the Yellow River or other rivers, tag @BeautifulShandong and @SplendidShandong on Facebook or @iShandong on Twitter; you may also message/DM us as well, all are welcome!

3. Hashtag #RiverMemory

Our online activity is open to participants from all over the world. So, start sharing your memorable stories from today onwards! We can't wait to read your inspiring tales!

Note: Beautiful Shandong/Shandong Official/Splendid Shandong reserves all rights to the final interpretation of the activity.


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