Shandong's China Movie Metropolis becomes hub of filmmaking

(| Updated : 2023-02-10

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China Movie Metropolis, a mega movie and television industry center, located in Qingdao of East China's Shandong province, provided support to The Wandering Earth I & II, two sci-fi blockbusters.

It's 10,000 square-meter high-tech monomer soundstage, Asia's largest underwater stage, and advanced digital video and audio equipment can realize motion capture, virtual shooting, 3D scanning, DIT (digital imaging technician), and real-time rendering cluster.

Moreover, the center also provides props, costumes, and special effects services to satisfy the whole film industry production process needs.

Currently, the China Movie Metropolis has attracted more than 800 film and television enterprises and provides services to nearly 300 film crews. The total box office output has exceeded 22.4 billion yuan ($3.3 billion).