Shandong focuses on wetland protection

(| Updated : 2023-02-03

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East China's Shandong province has been ramping up efforts to protect and restore wetlands in recent years and has built a model for the harmonious coexistence of humans and nature.

So far, 66 national wetland parks and 134 provincial wetland parks have been established in Shandong, the highest numbers in the country. There are three wetland nature reserves and 116 wetland protection communities, two wetlands of international importance, one of national importance, 53 under provincial key protection, and 123 of municipal importance across Shandong.


Water birds inhabit the Huashan Lake Wetland Park in Jinan, capital of Shandong province. [Photo/IC]

In addition, Dongying and Jining have been selected as World Wetland Cities by the International Wetland Federation because of their progress in wetland protection.

Overall, Shandong has rich wetland resources in the five big categories of inshore and coastal wetlands, river wetlands, lake wetlands, swamps and constructed wetlands, which represent all wetlands types distributed in China.

According to the results of the second national survey of wetland resources in 2012 (done in accordance with international standards), the total area of wetlands in Shandong province reached over 17,374 square kilometers.


Migratory birds arrive to winter in the Yellow River Delta in Dongying, Shandong province. [Photo/IC]

Shandong attaches great importance to the protection and restoration of wetlands. Since 2019, local governments at all levels have invested a total of nearly 2 billion yuan ($296.6 million) to gradually improve and restore the wetland ecological environment through vegetation reconstruction, water system connectivity, biodiversity protection, bird habitat restoration and other measures.

Over 667 square kilometers of wetland has been protected and restored in the province, effectively maintaining the health and stability of the functions and biodiversity of the wetland ecosystem.


The photo shows the picturesque landscape of Bailu Bay Wetland in Rizhao. [Photo/IC]


The Weishan Lake National Wetland Park in Jining, Shandong province [Photo/IC]