Innovation of Shandong

(| Updated : 2023-01-04

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Shandong has been taking the lead in China in the fields of marine, agricultural and light industry.

Shandong implements the strategy of rejuvenating the province through science and technology and strengthening the province through talents, with 147 special education schools, 152 higher education institutes and 34 graduate schools. Shandong enjoys great superiority in marine scientific research strength. Particularly the leading city of Qingdao assembles 20 percent of China's oceanographic institutes, 30 percent of China's marine academicians, and 33 percent of China's marine-related high-end R&D platforms.


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Shandong is speeding up its economic development, taking the new and old kinetic energy conversion as the major project for guiding its economic growth. Through the upgrading of its economic and industrial systems, Shandong can usher in a new era of prosperity and modernization.