Skilled maintenance technician displays spirit of innovation

(| Updated : 2022-10-22

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Zhang Kuangjun [Photo/Dazhong News]

Zhang Kuangjun, a senior maintenance technician from Shandong province in East China, was recently elected as a delegate to the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC).

Zhang is the group leader of the Baodian coal mine transportation area of Yankuang Energy Group Co, specializing in the maintenance of mechanical and electrical equipment.

He started his maintenance career in 1995 and persisted in the profession for 27 years. By learning and practicing industriously and tirelessly, Zhang's skills improved to a level that few can match.

His consistent efforts have earned him the National May 1 Labor Medal, the Shandong Province Labor Medal for Enriching the People and Prospering Shandong, and titles including National Coal Industry Skill Master. He has also earned many first prizes in various technical competitions.

Not content with just making repairs, Zhang likes to wrestle with challenging problems and has made many improvements and inventions that help with production safety and efficiency.

So far, Zhang and his team have completed 36 innovative achievements, three of which have been granted national patent certificates.

Every time an emergency arises, he rushes to the scene for urgent repairs as soon as possible. "I'm a Party member. Let me be the first," he says.

Whenever there is a question for him, he doesn't hesitate to tell what he knows. He has helped train many technicians.