Guo Rui cherishes his duty as CPC delegate

(| Updated : 2022-10-20

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Guo Rui [Photo/Zhongjian Press]

"As a front-line industrial worker, I am so proud to attend the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and deeply aware of the glorious mission and great responsibility as a delegate," Guo Rui said excitedly.

Guo, who was among the first high-speed railway technicians in China and is now a chief technical specialist for the State-owned China Railway Rolling Stock Corp (CRRC), has always been concerned about the front-line workers and skilled professionals in his field.

He said he knows how front-line workers think. "Personal growth, including salary, skill training and career promotion are their top concerns," Guo noted, adding that the State-owned enterprises are an important pillar of the national economy and the main force leading reform and innovation.


Guo Rui (third from right) works with his colleagues. [Photo/Zhongjian Press]

He called for policy and financial support to help State-owned companies develop vocational education, since they play an irreplaceable role in optimizing educational structure, bring vitality and promote high-quality growth in vocational education.

"I am a spokesman for the grassroots technicians," Guo usually introduces himself with such an opening when invited to attend public hearings of procuratorial organs, field trips or seminars at work. He hoped the authorities will orient to meet enterprises' demands, offer tailored legal services, and improve their working style to ensure companies' healthy development.

Guo said he will continue to promote the implementation of talent policies and expressed his firm belief in China's manufacturing industry during the 20th CPC National Congress.