Shandong seaside tour: experience the leisurely life between the mountains and the sea

(| Updated : 2022-09-01

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Yantai: The City of Wine

Flanked by seas and mountains, the city of Yantai has beautiful natural scenery and a rich selection of cultural sights, making it a charming destination for sightseeing and vacationing. It is also recognized internationally as a "vine and wine city". Here, travelers can visit the wine museum, tour vineyards and taste different varieties of wine.

Penglai Pavilion is a must-visit for those coming to Yantai. In Chinese legends, this is where immortals and deities reside, and it is known as "paradise on earth". Located on top of Danya Mountain, the Penglai Pavilion still retains its original appearance from the Northern Song dynasty (960 to 1127) to this day.


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Yantai Mountain Park, surrounded by the sea on three of its four sides, has great ocean and mountain views. The lighthouse on the mountain peak is one of Yantai's iconic structures. Climbing up to the observatory deck of the lighthouse, one can take in all the sights of the city along with the seaside panorama.

Changdao County is home to some of China's most beautiful oceanic islets, the Changshan Islands. The scenery of Jiuzhang Cliff in the Northern Island is tough to beat, with precipices looming over 400 meters tall and raging waves splashing against the shore.


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For gourmets, the locals staunchly recommend Changdao's seafood paired with Yantai's wine. As night falls, the enticing aroma of grilled seafood from food stalls fills the air, and the streets overflow with delight as people enjoy the great food and atmosphere.

Of course, don't forget about the other "pearls" scattered on the coastline such as Zhifu Island, Yangma Island and Kongtong Island, for they can be the cherry on top of a perfect itinerary.

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