Zouping promotes rural vitalization

(chinadaily.com.cn)| Updated : 2022-08-16

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In recent years, Zouping in Shandong province has been ramping up efforts to explore new ways to promote rural vitalization.

The construction of Party-branch-led cooperatives has been promoted in the city's 16 towns and subdistricts to improve the quality and efficiency of the collective economy.

The model of "Party branches + cooperatives + agricultural companies + farmers" has created a new path for rural vitalization in the city.

Up to now, Zouping has a total of 617 village cooperatives led by the Party branch, with the collective village income exceeding 10 million yuan ($1.47 million). The cooperatives have increased farmers' annual incomes by more than 20,000 yuan for over 30,000 households.


Farmers pick leek flowers at a vegetable planting cooperative greenhouse in Niujia village, Mingji town, Zouping, Shandong province on Aug 13. The Party-branch-led cooperative has greatly increased local farmers' incomes. [Photo/IC]


Farmers fill buckets with kiwis at a cooperative in Mazhuang village, Daixi subdistrict, Zouping on Aug 13. [Photo/IC]


A farmer displays freshly picked grapes at a cooperative in Xiaoguo village, Gaoxin subdistrict, Zouping on Aug 13. [Photo/IC]


An aerial view of the leek flower planting base in Niujia village, Mingji town, Zouping [Photo/IC]


A farmer picks a kiwi in Zouping. Kiwis are sold by the local village cooperative. [Photo/IC]


A village cooperative distributes kiwis to locals in Zouping. [Photo/IC]