Shandong seaside tour: experience the leisurely life between the mountains and the sea

(| Updated : 2022-09-01

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Weifang: The City of Kites

Weifang is renowned throughout the world as the "City of Kites". The Weifang World Kite Museum is replete with all sorts of kites and kite-making information. Keen visitors could try their hands at kite-making in the workshop; ready-made kite products are also available. Notably, the annual Weifang International Kite Festival is held here every late April.


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The ancient city of Qingzhou is a rare specimen of a Ming (1368 to 1644) and Qing (1644 to 1911) Dynasty city preserved in its entirety. There are more than 120 ancient streets and many traditional residences, as well as a range of intangible cultural experiences open to visitor participation.

The museum has a rich collection of treasures with great artistic value, such as the Buddhist statues excavated from the Longxing Temple ruins.


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Weifang's Yunmen Mountain is a national geopark containing stone cave relief statues from the Sui (581 to 618) and Tang (618 to 907) dynasties. The cliff inscription bearing the Chinese character that stands for longevity, Shou, carved during the Jiajing Reign of the Ming dynasty (1368 to 1644) is particularly eye-catching.

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