Shandong seaside tour: experience the leisurely life between the mountains and the sea

(| Updated : 2022-09-01

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Weihai: The Perfect Seaside Cycling Experience

Cycling is one of the best ways to enjoy the ocean scenery. The spectacular view stretches along the 10-kilometer-long Huanhai Road Cycling Route from Crescent Bay to Grape Terrace. Both the longer and shorter versions of the route offer mesmerizing coastal scenery with marvelous waterside cliffs.


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Visit Weihai's native islets to enrich your trip further. Countless seagulls and egrets migrate to Sea Donkey Island (its shape resembles a thin donkey lying on the sea) from April to August every year in a great communal gathering. Or head to Jiming Island for a peaceful retreat: with tranquil fishing docks and tall trees, it's a place where hearts can roam free.


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If you prefer fine sand, Rushan Silver Beach would be just the place for you. Walking on sands as fine as silk, a stroll on Silver Beach is as romantic as it gets.

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