Shandong seaside tour: experience the leisurely life between the mountains and the sea

(| Updated : 2022-09-01

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Qingdao: A Fairy-Tale City of Mountains and Sea

Nestled among the mountains and the sea, with its red tiles, green trees, emerald ocean and blue skies, Qingdao is like a city out of a fairy tale. Qingdao's coastline starts with Tuan Island in the west and continues eastward to Shilaoren Beach - the name translates as "old stone man", after an outcropping of rocks that resemble a bowed elder. 

You could hop on a bike at Zhanqiao Pier and ride in the gentle sea breeze with the open water at your side and clear skies overhead. Feel free to explore the bathing beach or experience the exhilarating freedom of sailing out to sea. The fishing villages at the foot of the mountain always welcome travelers for a taste of the famous Laoshan Green Tea. Come sit down for a brew, shed your worries and drain away the heat in this quiet, undisturbed corner of the world.


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Roaming around Qingdao's Old Town district, you'd be greeted with an array of red tiles and verdant trees, complementing one another in a colorful tapestry. Here, classic European and modern architectures blend effortlessly. Be it the band of German-style buildings near Zhongshan Road, the crisscrossing alleys around Ocean University of China's Yushan Campus, or the western-style mansions at Badaguan, every part of the district is imbued with rich history and culture. You could easily spend a couple of days getting lost in the Old Town charms.

There are many cultural discoveries to be made here. Should you decide to visit Qingdao in July or August, you would be just in time for the Qingdao International Beer Festival. It's a great chance to have a merry round of drinks with friends, as well as for taking a look at the fun displays at the Beer, Wine Culture and Shell Museums. The Qingdao Museum is of course a must-see: the towering Northern Wei (386 to 534) Buddhist statues on display will definitely leave a lasting impression.


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Qingdao is a city brimming with creativity and dynamism, a "City of Music" with sparkling artistic vibes. Summer concerts are held almost back-to-back, igniting joy and glee on the sun-kissed beaches. A listed UNESCO "City of Film", Qingdao is where The Wandering Earth and other chinese science fiction movies were filmed.

Young ones will also find Qingdao to be a place of incredible fun. Children can experience ancient Chinese culture with modern technology at Qingdao Fantawild Dreamworld, or go animal watching at the Qingdao Polar Ocean World, while the adults can take some time off for leisure and shopping.

Be sure not to miss Qingdao's seafood specialties, such as boiled mackerel dumplings, spicy stir-fried clams and seaweed clear noodles. These delights for the palate will be the ones you'll never forget.

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