Sinotruk, Weichai Power launch high-horsepower vehicle series

(| Updated : 2022-08-24

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Sinotruk and Weichai Power launch a series of high-end heavy trucks equipped with T series of high-horsepower engines on Aug 22. [Photo provided to]

China National Heavy Duty Truck Group, also known as Sinotruk, launched a series of high-end heavy trucks equipped with high-horsepower engines produced by Weichai Power on Aug 22.

The T-series of high-horsepower engines from Weichai Power, which power the whole line of Sinotruk vehicles, have a maximum output of 680 horsepower.

Weichai Power specifically designed the T-series high-horsepower engine for Sinotruk, making it the first commercial diesel engine platform product in the world with a thermal efficiency of 51 percent.

The T-series engine has a lot of power, and is highly effective and energy-saving, stable and reliable, quiet, and cozy.

Zhang Quan, CEO of Weichai Power, expressed that Weichai Power aims to provide customers with the most cost-effective power solutions based on the most complete engine platforms.

Sinotruk plans to launch a richer product portfolio and adhere to "customer satisfaction is our purpose" to create more advanced products and provide better services, said Cai Dong, general manager of China Heavy Duty Truck Group.

In the future, Sinotruk and Weichai Power will continue to deepen cooperation, give full play to their advantages, integrate high-quality resources, and create integrated solutions with higher quality, higher efficiency and more value for its customers.