Disabled people find fulfillment through art in Pingyin

(chinadaily.com.cn)| Updated : 2022-08-18

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LuxLouvry Academy of Painting, located in Pingyin county, Jinan city of East China's Shandong province, has a one-stop industrial chain covering painting and selling cultural and creative products. It adopts an order-based production model, and its products are exported to Western Europe, North America and other countries.

Different from other painting academies, LuxLouvry Academy of Painting has recruited a number of disabled people and offered them training classes to teach them how to paint, providing a platform for them to master professional skills and pursue a career in art.

LuxLouvry Academy of Painting has launched five departments: oil painting, stone carving, making incense and pottery, and e-commerce. The academy started to recruit disabled people in 2013, and over the past nine years, the academy has given full play to its advantages in cultural and artistic industries, and actively explored new ways to help the disabled get out of poverty and earn stable incomes.

Official statistics show that the academy has trained more than 720 disabled individuals, 103 of whom are currently residing and working onsite. This has assisted the disabled in obtaining excellent and well-paying employment and enabling them to live a meaningful life.

In addition, several rehabilitation training materials have been developed by LuxLouvry Academy of Painting in accordance with the physical limitations of the disabled.

"We have continued to explore more innovative ways to maintain the academy's vigor and vitality and ensure its success," said Zhang Lichen, deputy general manager of the academy.

From Sept 15 to 19, the Third China International Cultural Tourism Fair will be held in Jinan, and LuxLouvry Academy of Painting is expected to present a wide range of cultural activities related to oil painting, making pottery and incense, showcasing visitors the inspirational stories of the disabled people, and encouraging more people with disabilities to embrace a colorful life.


LuxLouvry Academy of Painting recruits a number of disabled people and provides them with a platform to master professional skills and pursue a career. [Photo/Jinan Daily]


A disabled man paints at LuxLouvry Academy of Painting in Pingyin county, Jinan city, which is located in East China's Shandong province. [Photo/Jinan Daily]