Yantai makes progress in brand building

(chinadaily.com.cn)| Updated : 2022-05-11

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According to a survey released on May 10, the sixth China Brand Day, an event initiated by the State Council to emphasize the importance of Chinese indigenous brands, more Yantai enterprises are paying more attention to building brands and expanding their presence in domestic and overseas markets, and in recent years, the coastal city in Shandong has paid great attention to building more famous brands, which have injected new vigor and vitality into the market.

Earlier this year, Shandong released the first batch of "Shandong Good Products", and 23 Yantai brands were included on the list, placing the city third in the province, which was due to the city's continuous efforts to speed up the intelligent transformation of its pillar industries, and promote the high-quality development of local brands.

The Yantai Apple, Laiyang Pear, and Longkou Cellophane Noodles are among the 23 listed brands, all of which are of exceptional quality and are expected to aid commercial growth and industrial upgrading in the city.

There are several high-end manufacturing enterprises on the list, as well as "little giant" firms, which refer to small enterprises in their early stages of development that focus on high-end technologies. These businesses are intended to aid the city's development of high-tech sectors and accelerate Yantai's transition from old to new growth drivers.

In recent years, Yantai has released a number of supportive measures to help enterprises strengthen independent innovation and build their own brands. Enterprises are also encouraged to adhere to innovation-driven development and strive to enhance their core competitiveness.


Yantai apples are bright in color and have a sweet and succulent taste. [Photo by Qi Xuan/chinadaily.com.cn]