Shandong NPC deputy carries forward craftsmanship

(| Updated : 2022-03-08

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"As a female textile worker in the new era, I will continue to stick to my post, carry forward the spirit of model workers and craftsmanship, and polish the Chinese textile manufacturing brand with innovation and efforts," said Wang Xiaofei, a deputy to the 13th National People's Congress and senior technician of the Dezhou Hengfeng Group in Shandong province.


Wang Xiaofei is a deputy to the 13th National People's Congress and senior technician of the Dezhou Hengfeng Group. [Photo/Iqilu News]

Wang has been engaged in spinning since she graduated from a textile technical school in 2003. Now, she has been working in Dezhou Hengfeng Group's spinning workshop for 19 years.

"The spinning workshop is noisy with a poor environment and there are three shifts, but we textile workers are not afraid of hardship and fatigue. We stick to the front line and sweat to meet people's demands for green, healthy and fashionable clothes," Wang said.

Wang and her colleagues developed the oblique joint of tight spinning roller operation method to increase production efficiency and reduce labor intensity for workers.

After implementation, the new method saves six workers each shift while increasing daily output by more than one metric ton and lowering yarn breakage by nearly half.


Wang Xiaofei works on a production line at Dezhou Hengfeng Group. [Photo/Iqilu News]

Wang noted believes that the traditional industry is not a sunset industry.

"Innovation can inject vitality into the traditional industry. With the increasing innovation strength, more and more innovative textile products are now going to the whole country and the world," Wang said.

Wang provided suggestions to the National People's Congress to strengthen the independent evaluation of enterprise workers and talents, which were well-received by relevant agencies and resulted in the implementation of associated policies.

Wang also suggested improving the training system for skilled workers and guiding young workers to perfect their skills and build a skilled workforce in a bid to boost employment, entrepreneurship and innovation.