Binzhou promotes entrepreneurship

(| Updated : 2022-02-28

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Binzhou, in East China's Shandong province, has been stepping up its efforts to foster innovation-driven growth and entrepreneurship in order to increase local high-quality development.

Binzhou has launched a slew of measures and policies to provide a stable and predictable business environment for investors and stimulate the vitality of market entities.


A group photo of deputies attending the first session of the 12th Binzhou Municipal People's Congress. Deputies from local companies were seated in the front row. [Photo provided to]

To better consider the thoughts and suggestions of entrepreneurs, the city has built a cordial and open partnership between government and businesses. 

Binzhou government has been attempting to improve public services to assist entrepreneurs to establishing themselves in the city.

The city has placed a strong emphasis on the growth of small enterprises, providing more direct and effective legislative support to help them overcome challenges such as rent, fees, taxes, social insurance, and financing.

"We should keep promoting entrepreneurship and innovation, and give full play to the initiative and creativity of the public to promote economic growth and the consistent transition between traditional and new growth engines," said Song Yongxiang, Party secretary of Binzhou.