Mountain village in Linyi attracts foreigners with folk performances during Chinese New Year

(Xinhua)| Updated : 2022-02-18

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Wearing traditional Chinese clothing, villagers of Zhuquan village in the mountain area of Linyi, East China's Shandong province put on folk performances every day from February 1 to 15 to celebrate Chinese New Year, attracting tourists from home and abroad to join.

Yana, a 25-year-old dancer from Ukraine, also in traditional Chinese dress, danced delightfully with locals.

Having spent Chinese New Year in different cities since she came to China three years ago, Yana went to Zhuquan village this year to experience the festival in a rural village on her friend's recommendation.

In the small mountain village, one can experience the traditional Chinese culture even more, Yana said. 

Yana was warmly greeted by locals when she arrived. On Chinese New Year's Eve, she even received dumplings from villagers, traditional food that families make together on New Year's Eve.

On Lichun, meaning the beginning of spring and falling on February 4 this year, Yana took a bite of a radish slice with the Chinese character "spring" cut out in the middle. This ritual, called "Yaochun", expresses the wish for everything to go smoothly.

To Yana, the most impressive performance was the traditional wedding ceremony, at which the Chinese bride wore a red veil and the new couple had a tea ceremony to honor their parents. This was the first time she watched such a ceremony so closely.

Yana said her stay in Zhuquan village was an unforgettable experience, adding that she wants to come next year and learn how to make dumplings. 

Boasting springs, bamboo forests, and ancient complexes, the picturesque Zhuquan village has become a tourism hotspot. It receives around 1.5 million visitors each year, with 80 percent of local households' incomes relying on tourism.

During the Spring Festival of 2016, the village invited African performers to join a traditional temple fair, who presented African dance along with local folk dance and other traditional performances. In the following years, the village paid more attention to planning folk performances to display local Chinese New Year culture.

The efforts was paid off, as some foreign tourists made a special trip to Zhuquan village and posted videos of playing that receive millions of views.