Dongying company supplies food ingredients for Beijing 2022

(| Updated : 2022-02-14

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In order to ensure food safety for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, a number of domestic enterprises have participated in the food supply chain for the Games, which has attracted much attention from around the world. 

At 8:50 pm on Feb 12, a special cold chain logistics vehicle carrying 10 tons of fresh processed products set out from Shandong Blue Horizon Ecological Agriculture Co in Dongying for the Winter Olympics special warehouse in Fangshan district, Beijing.

"This time, we're delivering frozen aquatic products, poultry and processed food products for officials and staff members working at the bobsleigh and tobogganing venues," said Zhu Xiaocheng, deputy general manager of Shandong Blue Horizon Ecological Agriculture Co and head of the company's food distribution team for Beijing 2022.

According to Zhu, Shandong Blue Horizon Ecological Agriculture Co has provided nearly 500 tons of food ingredients for the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Shandong Blue Horizon Ecological Agriculture Co is among the second group of food supply enterprises for Beijing 2022 and the only food material supplier from Shandong province.

The company supplies more than 170 kinds of ingredients including frozen poultry, aquatic products and pre-packaged food for members of the Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games and staff of various venues.