Weihai enterprises shine at Beijing 2022

(chinadaily.com.cn)| Updated : 2022-02-11

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Dishang Group and the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology jointly developed the uniforms worn by the Chinese sports delegation and the protective uniforms worn by volunteers and staff at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

"We are very proud and excited to see our sports delegation wearing the clothes made by Dishang Group on TV, showing the beauty and style of China's clothing to the world," said Zhu Hongtao, deputy general manager of Dishang Group.


The apparel, shoes and hats worn by the Chinese sports delegation at the opening ceremony of the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games were produced by Shandong enterprises. [Photo/Iqilu News]

Dishang Group, based in Weihai, Shandong province, is one of China's largest export manufacturers of apparel and textiles, with an annual turnover exceeding $1.5 billion. It has manufacturing bases in China, Cambodia, Myanmar and Bangladesh.

Dishang was given the task of making dresses for the Chinese sports delegation in November 2021, less than three months before the Winter Olympics began. The company mobilized the resources of the whole group, overcame many difficulties, and produced more than 100 samples of clothes. After adjusting the design three times and adjusting the details and accessories more than 10 times, the clothes were finally presented to audiences around the world.

The ceremonial shoes for the Chinese sports delegation were provided by Jinho Group in Weihai.

Jinhou Group adopted cloud data collection technology for the first time when making the ceremonial shoes. Using big data technology for matching and comparative analysis, the company has calculated the optimal data suitable for each athlete through the database of millions of foot types established by the company.