Where excellence is made丨'Shandong Good Products' shine at the Winter Olympics

(Iqilu News)| Updated : 2022-02-03

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In order to better serve and protect the Winter Olympics, Shandong has been increasing its scientific and technological research and development efforts, and "Shandong good products" are showing off their skills in the Winter Olympics.

In the past two days, Shandong Jianhua Zhongxing gave 50 sets of anti-cut skating suits to Shandong's ice athletes to help them prepare for the Winter Olympics. These cut-proof skating suits, made using industrial materials, are an innovative achievement and historical breakthrough in the field of manufacturing of sports equipment technology in Shandong, just like the snow wax vehicles.

Chen Aihui, executive vice president of Shandong Sports Industry Research Institute, said, "According to the deployment of our province's work, the implementation of a major science and technology innovation project to start the project of science and technology Winter Olympics, anti-cut skating clothing is one of them, the development and application of this new product and new technology, will promote the innovation and upgrading of our province's sports equipment industry."

Cut-resistant ice skating clothing must first meet the material of the clothing to resist cutting. The team set up a special research and development team and worked with material experts from domestic universities to find the ideal material to meet the European standard of cut resistance level 5 through a blending process. However, the cut-resistant nature of the material led to difficulties in cutting.

Zhang Meili, manager of the business centre of Shandong Jianhua Zhongxing Company, said, "With the traditional stamping type of cutting, we found that the fabric simply could not be cut, so we switched to using electric scissors, and the fabric cut out by electric scissors you can see, it is the rolled edge, the cutting piece then easily deformed, and off the silk."

After numerous trials, the R&D team finally solved the problem using laser cutting. The team then upgraded the skating suit for four generations, systematically optimising the product in terms of shape, design, protective properties and weight reduction ratio.

Chen Xu, design director of Shandong Jianhua Zhongxing's cut-proof skating suit R&D team, said, "It means our equipment will be able to go head to head with international first-class ice and snow equipment."

Made in Shandong, it is bringing more surprises to the Beijing Winter Olympics. The ski jump safety netting undertakes an extremely important protective task and demands the highest quality and performance from the product.

Shandong Binzhou Qingsheng Sports Products Co., Ltd. general manager Zhang Manguang said: "You like the rope load-bearing capacity, the general rope is 6 mm rope, tension may be in 300 kg to 500 kg, we use this is a high-density polymer polyethylene new material, tension in 3200 kg, that is to say, it is 10 times. "

Binzhou Qingsheng rely on years of scientific and technological advantages in the field of rope netting, after receiving the production task, quickly found a new material that meets the requirements. However, international events require rope net pigments that do not age or fade within 3 years. Qiaosheng made a colour blend from tens of thousands of colour masterbatches.

"Even the installation with modifications was a week's time, and the corrections had to be made five or six times to meet the other party's requirements." Zhang Wenguang said.

At present, the scale of the ice and snow sports industry in Shandong has exceeded 3.3 billion yuan, with the ice and snow Olympics brought about by the industrial boom, the provincial sports bureau, the provincial industry and information, the provincial science and technology and other departments, is joint part of the universities and sports industry group, to speed up technical research and product development, to help Shandong manufacturing to seize the ice and snow economic high ground.