Where excellence is made|Yangxin lantern night scene

(Iqilu News)| Updated : 2022-02-02

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Colorful lights celebrated the reunion, and the fire trees stayed up all night. During the Spring Festival, Yangxin County Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau in the city Jiulong Lake Park, Cuidao Lake Park, Liyuan Park, Happiness Square, Lotus Bay Park, six road interchange street trees, green belts, squares and other locations, using a wide range of styles, bright colours, novel and chic, beautiful, exquisite LED lights such as string lights, net lights, peach heart lights, rattan ball lights, Chinese knots, Chinese dream, planet lights, reflecting the elements of Yangxin The night scenery of Yangcheng was dressed up, creating a strong atmosphere of striving to be the first, to be ahead and to build a modern and happy Yangxin with high quality.

Beautiful night sky dream presented, beautiful lanterns add dress up. Set off the night scene, beautify the city, give the masses a different New Year's blessing.