Mushrooms help Jining village tap into agricultural wealth

(| Updated : 2021-12-30

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Oudemansiella raphanipies is a signature mushroom product in Xizhangzhuang village. It accounts for 20 percent of the national mushroom market. [Photo/WeChat account: jiningguangdian]

Edible mushrooms have helped lift residents in Xizhangzhuang village, Liangshan county in Jining out of poverty, thanks to Wang Pingzhong, who set up the first-generation edible mushroom greenhouse in the village.

Wang started his business in the village in 2007 due to its geographical advantages. Under the lead of Wang, the village's edible mushroom industry transformed from individually owned farms to a unified communal industry.

At present, 233.45 hectares of farmland, which is more than 92 percent of the village's total, have been transformed into a provincial agricultural sci-tech demonstration park for the edible mushroom industry.


Sixty-six greenhouses are planned to be built in Xizhangzhuang village for developing the edible mushroom industry. [Photo/WeChat account: jiningguangdian]

The village's mushroom industry has been granted with more than 10 national patents and generated 130 million yuan ($20.4 million) in profits in 2020. Its signature oudemansiella raphanipies mushrooms account for 20 percent of the national mushroom market. 

The village made the 2021 list of nationwide villages with characteristic industries worth 100 million yuan or more, which was released by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs in October. It was the only village from Jining to be included on the list.