Shandong shines at 1st China culture, tourism expo

(| Updated : 2021-11-30

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Shandong booth at the first China (Wuhan) Cultural and Tourism Expo, which is held in Wuhan from Nov 26 to 28 [Photo/WeChat account: sdswltwx]

The first China (Wuhan) Cultural and Tourism Expo was held in Wuhan, Central China's Hubei province from Nov 26 to 28, and a slew of Shandong representatives took the opportunity to promote the province's cultural and tourism products.

Themed "Qilu culture, friendly Shandong", the Shandong booth was decorated in white and blue and consisted of Shandong characteristic cultural and tourism elements such as Mount Tai and Confucius. Advanced technologies were also used at the booth to allow people to gain a better understanding of Shandong’s magnificent natural sceneries and local customs.

A special experience zone was launched at the expo to provide visitors with opportunities to be immersed in traditional Shandong crafts such as paper cutting, New Year pictures, and Lu embroidery.

Visitors also got to savor characteristic Shandong products at the expo such as Qingdao beer, ejiao pastry and ejiao powder made from Dong'e Ejiao Co, China's largest donkey-hide gelatin producer. 


A screen is installed at the Shandong booth during the three-day event, creating an immersive experience for viewers to learn about the province. [Photo/WeChat account: sdswltwx]


Distinctive Shandong products are displayed at the expo. [Photo/WeChat account: sdswltwx]