Dongying institute promotes Belt and Road petroleum cooperation

(| Updated : 2021-05-18

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The Dongying Victor International Institute of Petroleum Training has been pivotal in helping China cooperate with countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative, according to senior officials from the institute.


The exhibition hall at Dongying Victor International Institute of Petroleum Training [Photo by He Yanhai/WeChat account: zxsjwxpt]

Established in 2016 by over 10 leading universities and oil and gas companies from around the world, the institute aims to become a global talent service platform and engineering technology think tank in the oil and gas field.

It boasts the country's first international oil and gas engineering technology training institute that provides free talent services for customers and free training appreciation services for students.


Logo of the institute [Photo by He Yanhai/WeChat account: zxsjwxpt]

According to the institute, it has enhanced the ability of hundreds of students at home and abroad through training in areas like language, business, and job skills, and helped them gain employment.

"With the supportive policies launched by the local government, we can smoothly promote foreign-related training projects and carry out foreign cooperation and exchanges," said a director from the institute, adding that the rapid economic take-off in China will provide more opportunities for its development.

In 2017, the institute launched a joint training project with the University of Calgary that is designed to cultivate high-end technical talents, help domestic oil and gas engineering and technical talents to go global, and contribute to the development of the global oil economy industry and the reform of the world energy field.

"The institute has set up a fast track to promote the cooperation and development of the oil and gas industry in countries and regions involved in the Belt and Road Initiative and to cultivate international talents. I am very happy to be a member of this community," said Ajay, a Nepalese petroleum engineering lecturer.


A teaching and administrative staff gives a lecture at the institute. [Photo by He Yanhai/WeChat account: zxsjwxpt]