Picturesque Dengshan Mountain in Rizhao

(| Updated : 2020-09-21

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Dengshan Mountain, a popular scenic area in Rizhao, Shandong province, rivals the Jiangnan area (a region on the southern bank of the lower Yangtze River) in beauty with its verdant hills, winding ravine streams and exquisite and enchanting buildings.


An aerial photo of the Dengshan Mountain scenic area in Rizhao, Shandong province [Photo/WeChat account: rzslfw]


Traditional architecture in the scenic area. [Photo/WeChat account: rzslfw]


A temple in silhouette during the sunset at Dengshan Mountain. [Photo/WeChat account: rzslfw]


The limpid streams, quiet valleys, and dense vegetation all contribute to the primeval beauty of Dengshan Mountain. [Photo/WeChat account: rzslfw]


An aerial photo shows the lush green vegetation on Dengshan Mountain. [Photo/WeChat account: rzslfw]


The picturesque Dengshan Mountain is a popular scenic area in Rizhao, Shandong province. [Photo/WeChat account: rzslfw]


The Dengshan Mountain offers a perfect destination for enjoying the tranquility and beauty of nature. [Photo/WeChat account: rzslfw]