Shandong artists depict the fight against virus

(| Updated : 2020-03-04

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Artists in Shandong have created a variety of works, including songs, paintings, sculptures, and photographs, that tell the stories of ordinary people from all walks of life fighting against the novel coronavirus epidemic.

Let's enjoy some of their works together!


A piece created by Gong Yongxian depicts medics signing up to support Wuhan, the city hardest hit by the epidemic in China. [Photo/WeChat account: sdsmsjxh]


"The dawn in the night", created by Wang Xianming, conveys the artist's respect and admiration for medical workers on the frontlines. [Photo/WeChat account: sdsmsjxh]


A torn-paper work by Liu Xianfeng from Liaocheng, Shandong province depicts the courage and determination of medical personnel fighting on the frontlines. [Photo/WeChat account: gh_c0bac4c422ac]

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