Companies in Shandong resume production, boost economy

(| Updated : 2020-03-02

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Companies in East China's Shandong province have gradually resumed work and production in accordance with the local epidemic situation.

Official data showed that by Feb 27, a total of 26,582 industrial enterprises above the designated size in Shandong resumed operations, accounting for 98 percent of the total. The number of key projects which resumed construction in February was 87 percent of the province's target.

On Feb 27, Shandong province held a meeting to promote the prevention and control of the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic and advance economic and social development.

Local authorities said that the country is resolutely determined to win the fight against the virus and revive the economy. Shandong, as an economic powerhouse in the country's eastern coastal region, will continue to control the epidemic while maintaining economic growth and assisting local enterprise in resuming production.


An employee works at a production line operated by Shandong Qiaopai Group Co, one of the country's suppliers of disposable medical devices. [Photo/Xinhua]

The production lines of Shandong Qiaopai Group Co, one of the country's suppliers of disposable medical devices, are moving into high gear to produce urgently-needed medical supplies for hospitals on the front line.

According to Dou Xuefeng, a senior manager of the group, the company has been gradually resuming production since the beginning of February. Currently, 85 percent of its production lines have reopened.

Dou said that at present, more than 20 million sets of medical products have been supplied to Hubei, Guangdong and Shanghai.

Shandong has rolled out a series of policies and measures to assist companies in resuming work. On Feb 8, it opened an online window and a 24-hour hotline to take emergency appeals from enterprises looking to resume production. On Feb 18, it implemented a number of measures to speed up the resumption of construction and production of enterprises and projects, proposing 10 specific measures in regard to labor shortages, traffic barriers and raw material shortages.


A construction worker at the Yellow River tunnel construction site in Jinan, Shandong province [Photo/Xinhua]