Shandong cultural heritages enchant Hong Kong

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A much-anticipated exhibition featuring intangible cultural heritages from Shandong province is underway at Hong Kong Central Library.

Titled Genesis and Spirit, Enchanting Shandong, the exhibition displays a dazzling array of Shandong's iconic cultural legacies, including intricate paper-cuttings, lifelike clay figurines, exquisite microscopic carvings, handmade wickerwork pieces, and the ancient art form of inner painting.

The province's intangible cultural heritage inheritors have been invited to showcase their expert skills to help visitors better understand the traditional Chinese crafts.

In addition, visitors can also enjoy narrative singing and traditional performing arts of Shandong, including Jinan shadow puppetry, Lyu opera, Shandong Qinshu, Laixi puppetry, Liuzi opera, and Shandong folk songs.

Lectures about traditional Shandong culture and customs have also been organized, with topics covering Shandong traditional folk songs, dwellings, regional operas, embroidery, and woodblock prints of New Year paintings.

Shandong is considered one of the cradles of Chinese civilization. With a history that dates back to antiquity, as well as a rich and solid cultural base, the region has nurtured a wealth of intangible cultural heritages over time.

Using text panels, photographs, video screenings, and traditional handicraft exhibits, as well as on-site demonstrations, performances, and cultural lectures, the exhibition is designed to display the unique charm of Shandong culture.

The exhibition is presented by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Home Affairs Bureau of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. It is organized by the Shandong provincial department of culture and tourism, and will last until June 23.


A poster of the Genesis and Spirit, Enchanting Shandong exhibition. [Photo provided to]


A folk artist from Shandong displays the printmaking of Yangjiabu woodblock New Year paintings at Hong Kong Central Library. Weifang's Yangjiabu village has a more than 600 year history of making New Year paintings dating back to the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). [Photo provided to]


Traditional opera performers, as well as officials from Shandong and Hong Kong pose for a photo. [Photo provided to]

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