Artist presents depictions of Mount Tai through paper-cutting

(| Updated : 2018-11-29

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Zhang Dengshan, a 77-year-old artist in Tai'an, Shandong province has created a series of paper-cut works to present the panoramic view of Mount Tai.

The artwork with 3.5 meters long and 1.5 meters wide showcases a total of 72 views of Mount Tai, including 20 species of trees.

From Dai Temple, Red Gate to Zhongtian Gate, Nantian Gate, and Jade Emperor Summit, the highest point on Mount Tai, he has depicted some of the most famous sceneries of Mount Tai through his works.

Zhang has created over 40 pieces of paper cutting works of Mount Tai in total, some of which have been collected by the Tai'an Municipal Museum, originally known as the Dai Temple Museum. In 2000, he published his collection, Zhang Dengshan Paper-cutting Work Series of Mount Tai.

Mount Tai, with its dense forests and ancient temples, has been the site for imperial pilgrimages for roughly 2,000 years. According to UNESCO, artistic masterpieces found throughout the mountain are in perfect harmony with the natural landscape.


Zhang Dengshan, a 77-year-old artist shows his paper-cutting artworks. [Photo provided to]


Zhang Dengshan concentrates on paper-cutting. [Photo provided to]


The paper-cutting by Zhang Dengshan presents the panoramic view of Mount Tai. [Photo provided to]