Fruit and vegetable carving show comes to Yantai

(| Updated : 2018-11-15

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A spectacular culinary performance show featuring fruit and vegetable carving was held at the Yantai International Expo Center on Nov 10.

As an important part of the 19th International Fruit, Vegetable and food Expo, the event invited students from Yantai Industry and Trade Technician College to showcase their fruit and vegetable artistic carving skills.

Ten students used more than ten kinds of fruits and vegetables such as such as carrot, green radish, pumpkin, watermelon and pitaya as the raw materials and carved into various artworks with different shapes including peony, lotus and peacock.

The peacock shaped artworks which are most attractive were carved and spliced with pumpkins and many carrots. On the artwork, the peacock spreads its tail and its tail feathers are clearly visible.

In addition, Bao Shusheng, a Chinese Shandong cuisine master, carved flowers when blindfolded, which won much applause from guests.


A fruit and vegetable carving show is held at the Yantai International Expo Center on Nov 10. [Photo provided to]


Decorated red flowers made of dragon fruits. [Photo provided to]