Jinan Pilot Zone to achieve leapfrog development

(chinadaily.com.cn )| Updated : 2018-11-13

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Livable Ecological Environment–blue-green space accounting for over 70 percent 

Harmonious development between industries and the ecological environment is an impressive highlight in the pilot zone development plan. 

The pilot zone, adhering to the concept of ecology priority, has set up large blue-green space to create favorable living and working environments, ushering in a new path for green development.


The design sketch for the Huanghe Garden. [Photo/WeChat account: sdsbqmt]

"You can imagine that the pilot zone in the future will develop into a new livable place with green and beautiful scenery," Song said.

According to Song, like Xiongan New Area, the blue-green space in the pilot zone will account for over 70 percent of the land and will include watercourses, wetlands, lakes, woodlands, parks and farmland. That means only about 200 of the total 730 square kilometers of the pilot zone will be under construction.

In addition to the Guanshi Garden's flower sea, which has been basically completed, the pilot zone will unveil hundreds of pocket parks, shaping a livable environment of "seeing the green scenery within a 200-meter range, finding a park within a 500-meter range and stepping into the wetland and forest within 3-kilometer range".

The pilot zone will also arrange a three-level urban public service facility system of "city-cluster-community" to form a five-minute living circle centering on the block streets, a 10-minute living circle for neighbors and a 15-minute living circle for the community, meeting residents' needs for a better life.

Moreover, by actively cooperating with high-level institutions at home and abroad, the pilot zone has established a new batch of international schools and hospitals as well as recreation and sports facilities, attracting more excellent talents to "come and stay" here.

Reform with Keen Determination – the "six-one" concept to optimize the business environment

The pilot zone has vigorously promoted the optimization of the business environment through the recent implementation of the "six-one" concept.

The examination and approval system following up the "six-one" concept includes:

The change to a system of "multiple regulations in one" reflects the speed of the pilot zone's development. One of the most important points is that the pilot zone authorizes institutions to compile comprehensive evaluation reports on the local environment, ore, geological disasters, weather, water and soil. The results of comprehensive evaluation reports have been shared among enterprises to reduce the time and energy they spend on these aspects.

The "multiple licenses in one" regulation for land planning and construction projects allows land planning for construction projects to be included in the scope of the construction license. After preparing relevant procedures, the construction units are supposed to submit a letter of commitment. Then they can deal with relevant procedures and a License of the Land Planning and Construction for Construction Projects in the Pilot Zone will be issued.

Municipal supporting infrastructure will be arranged in "one-stop". The pilot zone has promoted the integrated planning, construction and management of various infrastructures, which are built on the borders of construction projects at the same time. Connectors are preserved to be ready for connection at any time, and examination and approval services are handled by one department.

An operation mode featuring "one-department acceptance", "one package service" and "one-stop management" has been implemented. Besides, an express delivery service is also provided for examined and approved certificates.

A regulation "one seal" for construction projects will be implemented. A "special seal" for the administrative examination and approval of construction projects shall be set up to be used to conduct examination and approval procedures for all items relating to the construction project.

A regulation of "one-time charge" will be introduced. A system for a charging directory for construction projects has been established. Any charge item which is not included in the directory will be canceled. Before the acceptance check on the main body of the construction project, various policy-type administrative fees will be collected at one time.

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