River chief system covers entire Shandong province

(chinadaily.com.cn )| Updated : 2018-11-08

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According to the Water Resources Department of Shandong province, the province has implemented all levels of the river chief system by the end of September. 

China's river chief system — in which government officials are assigned to take charge of protecting waterways in their area — is steadily being rolled out nationwide as part of a broad effort to prevent pollution.

Shandong has designated 10,877 responsible persons at five levels of province, city, county, township and village, among which nine at provincial-level, 91 for municipal level, 560 for county level, 3,990 for township level and 6227 for village level. 

To fully promote the system, Shandong has set up work responsibility network system to detail the river chiefs' responsibilities and their missions.