Hunt for golden gingko leaves in Yantai

(| Updated : 2018-11-08

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One falling leaf is a sign that autumn is on its way, says a Chinese proverb. Autumn in China is the golden time to go outdoors to enjoy its colorful leaves before the trees become bare. Gingko trees are autumn favorite across the northern part of the country. Here are suggestive destinations in Yantai city to capture the golden autumn.

1.Fushan Dongting villiage

Tens of thousands of golden ginkgo trees are waiting for visitors in theirs best posture, when autumn comes where leaves fell from the trees like golden butterflies dancing in the sky. The ground was carpeted with fallen golden leaves to decorate it like a beautiful oil painting.

Add: Dongting village, Fushan district in Yantai. Take bus No 303 to Dongting station.


A visitor indulged in the golden ginkgo leaves in Fushan, Yantai. [Photo provided to]


The thriving ginkgo trees alongside the road in Fushan Yantai. [Photo provided to]

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