Chinese way to have a warm autumn

By Li Hongrui| (| Updated : 2018-10-12

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A child covered by leaves. [Photo/VCG]

"Though people have been connecting autumn with misery and loneliness since ancient times, I believe the season is better than spring," Liu Yuxi, a renowned poet from the Tang Dynasty (618-907AD), said in his poem Words of Autumn.

The poet, a thousand years ago, was moved by a line of birds flying along the white cloud in the deep blue sky that's only seen in autumn. The beautiful scene also became the inspiration of this poem.

Liu's bones may have disappeared without trace, yet the beauty beheld in his eyes can still be seen.

Who said autumn must be a time when you only recall lost things? Here are some ways people can change the cold season into a warm enjoyment.


Pear soup. [Photo/VCG]

Have a bowl of pear soup

With a sweet scent and honey color, pear soup is the most suitable beverage for autumn, which could nourish your body and reduce the dryness in the season. Chop some pears and apples, and boil them with dates, wolfberries and hawthorns in water for about an hour. Add some honey if you want it sweeter. Enjoy!

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