Taokezi village takes aim at red tourism

(chinadaily.com.cn )| Updated : 2018-09-18

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Red tourism, the term used to describe visits to prominent sites during China's revolutionary period, has been gaining popularity across the country in recent years. 

Taokezi, a picturesque village in the remote Yimeng Mountain, boasts a glorious revolutionary history and aims to go big with its red tourism.

Local residents offered tireless dedication to millions of Communist-led soldiers during the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression (1931-45) and the following War of Liberation (1946-49). The local women, known as "Red Sisters", backed the communist troops not only with their hand-made shoes and clothes, but also with their care of the soldiers and officers as well as their offspring.

"Zu Xiulian is a representative 'Red Sister' and her story has been widely circulated," said Zhang Zaizhong, secretary of Party branch of the village.

"Zu is a native of our village. She helped a seriously injured soldier Guo Wushi in 1941 and transferred him to a secret cave to hide from the Japanese army's manhunt. She risked her life to take care of Guo and in order to feet Guo, Zu cooked him the only chicken her family owned." 

Zhang added that after Guo left the army in 1947 due to an injury, he spent many years managing to find Zu and decided to stay at the village and pay back for Zu's kindness for the rest of his life.  

"Since then, Guo regarded Zu as his mother and accompanied her until she died."

According to Zhang, in a bid to pass down the touching story of Zu and the spirit of the "Red Sisters", Taokezi village has been working hard in developing its red tourism. 

"Many constructions have been made to provide convenience to visitors. We also built a memorial hall for Zu Xiulian".

Zhang said that the village has integrated agritourism, ecotourism with red tourism, offering visitors with more choices.

The village welcomed more than 200,000 tourists in 2016, bringing in annual revenue of 600,000 yuan ($87,000). 

An investment of 189 million has been allocated to build a series of sightseeing projects, which will start trial operation this October and is expected to attract more than one million visitors annually.   


The picturesque and tranquil landscape of Taokezi village in Yuandongtou town of Shandong's Linyi city. [Photo/ ly.wenming.cn]


The beautiful scenery of terraced fields in Taokezi village in Yuandongtou town of Shandong's Linyi city. [Photo/ly.wenming.cn]


The memorial hall for "Red Sister" Zu Xiulian in Taokezi village. [Photo/ly.wenming.cn]


Traditional cottage in Taokezi village. [Photo/ly.wenming.cn]