Shandong people on routes of Belt and Road -- Hisense manager in Russia

(| Updated : 2018-06-01

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Stomach and taste buds are the stamps of his hometown. 

“I miss the Qingdao seafood steamer pot so much!” 

At the other end of the line is the voice of Liu Changhai, deputy general manager of Hisense Russia. 

This hefty 38-year-old fellow from Qingdao came to Moscow on March 17 and has been busy with the establishment of a new branch company for the past two months. The voice of media from home loosened his tongue.

“I’ve lost count how many times I’ve been to Russia.” 

Moscow has been a haunt of Liu since 2008 when Hisense started selling home appliances in Russia with its partners. In 2017, Hisense decided to enter the Russian market directly and offered for sale televisions, refrigerators, washing machines and air conditioners. On July 20th that year, the branch was formally established. 

Now, with the mounting growth of Sino-Russian cultural exchanges and the development of Chinese-funded companies in Russia, many jobs in Russia are being created for the locals. The locals’ understanding of Chinese companies is changing, with rapid development, advanced technology, unity and cooperation, and industriousness now being the general impression of China, Chinese companies, and the Chinese people.        

“Liu, would you come to my house for dinner this weekend?” Oleg, an air conditioning dealer of Hisense in Moscow, sends his habitual invitation to Liu. 

“Oleg and I have been good friends for many years.” Liu said that every time he is in Qingdao for meetings, he will invite Oleg to enjoy a local seafood steamer pot with him. 

"Now that Hisense has opened up to the Russian market, we look over each other’s shoulders hand-in-hand. I believe the future will be even better.” Liu said.