Innovation drives the construction of China’s 'silicon valley' of vegetables

(| Updated : 2018-05-31

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Since greenhouses are usually planted with a single type of vegetable, the soil becomes vulnerable to diseases and loses much of its nutrition. To prevent this, Shouguang launched a “fertile soil demonstration project” to promote scientific fertilization.

“In order to alleviate the burden on the vegetable farmers, the local government subsidizes 300 yuan ($46.68) for each ton of fertilizer used by the farmers participating in the project,” said Cui, a vegetable farmer at the modern agricultural training base of Sanyuanzhu village. He said that by using microbial fertilizer, chemical fertilizer is used only half as much as before, but the output of vegetables has increased a lot and insect pests have also significantly decreased.


Shouguang actively participates in the construction of a national breeding base and is trying to create the largest seedling market in China. [Photo/WeChat account: weifangfabu]

At present, Shouguang is pushing forward the green plant protection technologies across its areas. It will soon realize three “zero growths” in pesticide dosage, fertilizer usage and total agricultural water use. It will take three years to totally improve the soil and to build itself into a national soil improvement demonstration area.

China’s “Silicon Valley” for vegetables has now been initially formed. It consists of a Chinese intelligent agriculture equipment demonstration park, a modern agricultural high technology integrated demonstration area and a vegetable industry innovation and research base. In the future, every vegetable industry practitioner visiting Shouguang will have fast access to world-class agricultural facilities.

Cui Xiliang runs a greenhouse construction company in Shouguang. In recent years, his company has built more than 3,000 greenhouses across the country each year. “We are now able to provide improved greenhouse construction services including design, selection of materials, construction and marketing, which fully meet clients’ needs.

So far, Shouguang has more than 600 green house construction companies, 429 seeding companies and over 30 greenhouse equipment research and development enterprises.

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