Innovation drives the construction of China’s 'silicon valley' of vegetables

(| Updated : 2018-05-31

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Shouguang agricultural products logistics park [Photo/WeChat account: weifangfabu]

At the early stage of China’s Reform and Opening-up (from 1978), warm winter green housing was introduced in Shouguang, Weifang, Shandong province, which put an end to the scarcity of fresh vegetables in Northern China in winter. Shouguang’s greenhouses have now evolved from the first generation to the seventh generation. Technology and innovation have made Shouguang a pioneer in rural revitalization. 

By downloading an intelligent agriculture App on their mobile phones, Shouguang’s villagers can view and adjust the greenhouses’ settings in real-time.


A seventh generation Shouguang greenhouse [Photo/WeChat account: weifangfabu]

New agricultural technology is being applied to the seventh generation of greenhouse to upgrade the competitiveness of the vegetable industry.

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