Shandong to promote rural vitalization

(| Updated : 2018-05-30

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Shandong will pick 10 counties, 100 towns and 1000 villages for the province-wide "10-100-1000" project to promote rural vitalization, and also issue an action plan for developing its marine economy, the Shandong provincial government said at a news conference recently.

"Now our main impetus will be to break through soon in rural revitalization and marine economy development", said Guan Zhaoquan, a secondary inspector and spokesman of the Shandong Development and Reform Commission.

To grow its rural economy, Shandong will implement rural revitalization strategies by drawing up specific planning and forming the "1+1+N" policy system.

Specifically, plans are to create agri-funds, activate production factors and gather agri-favorable strengths together.

Shandong will also launch the "10-100-1000" project to build a national-level agricultural demonstration park.

Additionally, guaranteeing productive capacity, developing supporting facilities, building water-saving irrigation and implementing a three-year plan of environmental renovation will further enhance the productivity and living standards of people in rural areas.

Shandong will issue a detailed action plan and hold a mobilization meeting to create a booming marine economy that will benefit the whole province.

Generally, the plan is to back up Bohai Gulf Port Group's operation and boost the integrative growth of Bohai Gulf ports.

The province will also foster such innovation platforms as Smart Marine Big Data Sharing and Deep-Sea Base, and push the National Laboratory for Marine Science and Technology of Qingdao toward the national level.

It will introduce major scientific facilities using E-level supercomputers and drilling ships, and conduct further research on developing and utilizing combustible ice, offshore oil and gas, minerals and wind power.

Shandong will also initiate a new three-year plan for a marine ranching demonstration zone and pass regulations to strictly control reclamation. Moreover, it will issue planning for a Changdao marine ecological civilization pilot site.