Shandong boosts famous brand products and service brands

(| Updated : 2018-05-16

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Shandong will incubate 300 more brand products and 150 service brands this year, according to the Shandong Quality Development Work Conference held recently in Jinan, capital of east China's Shandong province.

Shandong has cultivated a total of 1,536 Shandong famous brand products, 543 Shandong service brand and 37 quality product bases so far. Haier and Tsingtao Beer have entered the top 500 world brands list. A total of 45 Shandong enterprises are listed on China's 500 Most Valuable Brands list, ranking third in the country. 

Regional brands ranked first in the country with a total value of 262,427 billion yuan ($ 41.2 billion) in 2016. Hisense Group ranked first in the list of China's 500 Most Valuable Independent Innovation Brands. Tsingtao Beer and Dong'e Ejiao (Donkey-hide gelatin) ranked respectively first and second in the list of China's Most Valuable Time-honored Brands.

Shandong will attach greater importance to brand building, evaluation and promotion this year. To boost the global influence of Shandong brands and improve brand awareness, it will build a well-known Chinese brand demonstration area and a high-quality product base.

It will set up a platform of brand value evaluation and quality credit information and establish a brand value measurement index system.

In addition, Shandong will make full use of the news media’s extensive publicity and set up “brand day” to promote quality and integrity, spread quality culture, and enhance brand awareness.