Wang Yunpeng, party chief of Tai'an, vows to develop industry through innovation

Updated : 2018-05-16

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Wang Yunpeng, municipal Party secretary of Tai'an, vowed at a meeting on Feb 27 to develop new industries while renovating old ones.

Wang's proposal is important to the advancement of industry and the realization of high-level development.

One way to fulfill this goal, as was proposed by Wang, is to change people's outdated mindset and embrace innovation and new technology.


Mount Tai. [Photo provided to]

He also pointed out that Tai'an should make efforts to develop its tourist attractions, such as Mount Tai, and create a green and eco-friendly environment to ensure a better life for citizens.

Tai'an also needs to further develop its medical care as well as its new industries, such as information technology, high-tech devices, AI manufacturing, new materials, new energy and eco-friendly products.

Wang said that Tai'an boasts a solid foundation in several industries, such as agriculture, chemical engineering, textiles and clothing, logistics and tourism. During the seven-day Spring Festival holiday alone, Tai'an has received 2 million tourists and its tourism revenue has reached 2 billion yuan ($316 million), which is a great increase over the same period last year.

He proposed developing a long-term system for eliminating over-capacity industries, such as cement and coal. Meanwhile, Tai’an should enhance its industries, improve its natural environment, advance technology, and create a more sensible industrial layout.

In addition, he made a special mention of the importance of attracting investment, which will be effective in boosting Tai'an's economy. Events such as America Week, Hong Kong Week, and mountain climbing activities play an important role in promoting Tai'an's appeal to the outside world, thus attracting more investment.

He also said talent is an important factor in developing industries, so Tai'an should be more open to talents of all sorts.

Lastly, he noted that Tai'an should endeavor to push forward the development of infrastructure, such as high speed transport, railways, water transportation, and airports, as these means of transportation play a significant role in connecting the city’s industries to those in other regions.


The high-speed of Tai'an. [Photo provided to]


The water transportation of Tai'an. [Photo provided to]