Young but skillful hands restore 300 old books

(| Updated : 2018-05-11

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Xia Tianni checks old books on a shelf at a library in Shandong Normal University in Jinan, East China's Shandong province, March 29, 2018. Xia majored in identification and restoration of cultural relics. Since graduating in 2016, she became responsible for old book restoration in the library and has mended more than 300 old books. [Photo/IC] 


Xia looks at a worn-out old book. The books she restores mainly date from the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) and the Republic of China era (1912 - 1949). [Photo/IC]


Xia mends a page from an old book. She uses traditional tools, such as scissors, brushes, knives and tweezers. [Photo/IC]


Xia pastes two pages together. She said that an experienced restoration master needs decades of practice. [Photo/IC]


Xia mends an old book. She said modern technology cannot replace some old-fashioned restoration skills. [Photo/IC]


Xia checks a page that she mended. [Photo/IC]


A worn-out old book is pictured beside a page that has been restored. [Photo/IC]


Xia trims a page before covering the restored old book. [Photo/IC]