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Guojing Liquor Culture Eco-Expo Park

chinadaily.com.cn|Updated: July 25, 2022

Address: No 55 Zhongxin road, Gaoqing county, Zibo city


An exterior view of a workshop in the Guojing Liquor Culture Eco-Expo Park. [Photo/WeChat account: zibowenhualvyou]

With its focus on the wine industry and its culture, Guojing Liquor Culture Eco-Expo Park boasts a wide variety of tourism features – including the historic site of Bandao well, a cellar of ageing wine, a cultural square, the Guojing 1915 chateau, an ancient brewery and the Qilu Wine Culture Museum.

The most special site is the No 9 liquor brewing workshop, which broke the Guinness World Records for the size of its pure grain wine production and fermentation workshop in 2007.


An interior view of the liquor brewing facility. [Photo/WeChat account: zibowenhualvyou]

Visitors can tour around the park and get an idea of the production process of liquor, which is part of Chinese traditional culture.

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