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Zibo ramps up moves to be pathfinding parks city

A L M S| Updated: May 27, 2022


As seen from the air, two green belts run along both sides of a road in Zibo. [Photo/]

Local authorities of Zibo city – located in East China's Shandong province – on May 26 announced an action plan for the city to transform itself into a city of parks and they set forward 281 projects as the main tasks to be undertaken in the current year.

The projects will receive a total annual investment of about 11.31 billion yuan ($1.68 billion). To date, 265 of them have begun construction and 31 have completed construction.

Zibo has been ramping up its efforts to improve its urban and rural environment and transform itself into a parks city since last year – in an overall push to create a better quality of life for residents and improve their overall civic pride, social cohesion and sense of happiness and security.

In 2021, some 272 such projects began construction and 118 vest pocket parks, street parks and thumb parks – which are all small and near residential areas – have been established, as well as 35 town-level parks.

Meanwhile, a total of 915 hectares of urban green space was established, while 100 kilometers of green corridors and 101 km of urban greenways were established.

Moreover, 22 abandoned mines underwent environmental restoration.

In addition to the construction projects, this year, Zibo will promote legislation that will lead to the promulgation of engineering regulations for a parks city.

Drafting is expected to be completed by June.

The city is also making preparations for events related to its renewed push to go green. The first Shandong flower skills competition to be held in the planned Zibo Botanic Garden will open in June. Garden design masters from more than 60 enterprises, as well as enthusiasts and experts from universities and colleges in Shandong's 14 cities will attend.

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