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Zibo pivots to become youth-friendly city

A L M S| Updated: May 6, 2022

Zibo, in East China's Shandong province and seven other cities in the province – including Jinan and Qingdao – are positioning themselves to become youth-friendly cities.

The aim is to improve the development of their young people through innovative policies. The provincial plan for the initiative was announced on May 5.

On the day, Zibo's action plan for becoming a youth-friendly city was approved by the provincial authorities and was unveiled. The city has outlined a target of two years to achieve its goal.

Under the blueprint, Zibo will develop its industries to create more high-quality job opportunities. Plans are for it to create an additional 110,000 jobs within the next two years.

The city will continue to issue policies to encourage business startups by young folks and to attract talent. It announced 37 measures covering policies for talent, talent plans to attract people with master's degrees, doctorates and bachelor's degrees. In addition, Zibo has organized over 30 events such as entrepreneurship competitions and industry-university-research exchange meetings.

Furthermore, Zibo will continue to extend the construction of its infrastructure. This will include more residential apartments, bus routes and commercial complexes – so as to ensure a better living environment for them, as well as improve their education and medical care.

To assure a better quality of life, the introduction of an optimal environment has also been deemed necessary. The city is striving to make itself become more vibrant and visually appealing through the establishment of parks, gardens and squares, as well as by developing its art and cultural scene.


An aerial view of a park currently being established in Zibo. [Photo/]

Estimates are that the per capita park green area of Zibo will hit 20.85 square meters. The city will establish 50 city studies, reading bars, 80 museums and 160 rural bookstores.


A resident reads a book in one of Zibo's urban study rooms. [Photo/WeChat ID: zibowenhualvyou]

Plans are that by 2022, Zibo will have formed an operational framework for developing youth-friendly cities. By the end of 2023, an urban ecology for youth development will have basically been established. This will integrate a supply chain for innovation and entrepreneurship. There will also be a high-quality and enviable livable living circle and a high-level, dynamic, fashion and leisure zone.

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