Expats explore beauty of Zibo's countryside

( 2022-08-05


Expats peel red corn with locals in Nanjiao town in Zibo on Aug 2. This new type of corn has been introduced and developed by agricultural experts, as part of the town's efforts in rural vitalization. [Photo/]

On Aug 2, three international students were invited to visit Hanjiawo village in Nanjiao town – a provincial tourism village in Zhoucun district, Zibo city, East China's Shandong province – to learn about the development of the metropolis' rural areas.

Hanjiawo village, located in the west of Zibo, boasts a great location, convenient transport and a particularly healthy environment. With its rich historical and cultural resources, it is a very well-known historical and cultural village with a history spanning more than 600 years.

"This place is very beautiful and quiet. There is no hustle and bustle of the city, so I really want to visit it again," said a student from Russia.

A student from Yemen, was surprised by the areas.

"All the places here are really good. It is really relaxing," he said.


The three international students visit a lotus pond and lotus pavilion in Nanjiao town. [Photo/]


A foreign student learns Chinese calligraphy at a lake pavilion. [Photo/]