Beautiful Dongying through the lens

( 2022-07-14

The Yellow River, which is known as the mother river that gave birth to Chinese civilization, stretches 5,464 kilometers across thousands of mountains and other rivers, and ends in the vast Bohai Sea.

Dongying boasts diversified cultural resources including the Yellow River culture, maritime culture, Sun Tzu Culture, and Red culture. The fusion of different cultures makes the city full of vitality and attractive.


Starting in Qinghai province, the Yellow River runs through nine provinces and autonomous regions before emptying into the Bohai Sea in Dongying, East China's Shandong province. [Photo/WeChat account: wenlvdongying]


The Yellow River empties its bright yellow waters into the deep green Bohai Sea near Dongying, creating a magnificent view. [Photo/WeChat account: wenlvdongying]


The landscape of the tidal-sourced waterway is an intricate river system, which looks like towering trees from a bird's-eye view. [Photo/WeChat account: wenlvdongying]

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